Propane Safety and Education

landscaped propane tank

Building with propane is the right choice for anyone who wants a clean, efficient, economical and safe energy source. Propane is a clean burning fuel which emits less than half the amount of carbon dioxide as electricity, is more efficient and burns hotter. Propane is also very economical in comparison. Propane has many built-in safety properties and is governed by stringent safety regulations.

Brenham LP Gas is committed to provide propane and propane services at the highest safety standards set forth by the propane industry and The Texas Railroad Commission. All employees attend both continuing education classes taught by the Texas Railroad Commission and quarterly safety meetings provided by the company. Our employees are all licensed with over 150 years combined experience working in the propane industry.

Brenham LP Gas provides safety information to all new customers and frequently sends our safety information to all current customers and regularly hosts safety seminars with the Texas Railroad Commission for local fire departments to help in dealing with the properties of propane.

Propane Resources

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